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Frequently asked Quetions

General Questions

Which Venue am I in?

Auckland - Wealth Masters
The Trusts Arena
65-67 Central Park Drive
Henderson, Auckland 0610
New Zealand

What time does the event start and finish?

Doors will open at 7:30am doors will open, and the first session will start at 8:30am. The events will conclude at approximately 6:30pm. Please note this end time is dependent on speaker run times for the day.

Is Robert Kiyosaki on stage all day?

Robert will not be on stage all day; however, he will have multiple sessions. He will be bringing his advisors to provide a variety of content as well as a few other speakers.

What is the schedule of speakers for the day?

The schedule of speakers is constantly changing in the lead up to an event because of speaker movements and requirements. As such, we cannot provide a schedule or timings for the event beyond a start time and approximate finish time.

Is it OK to bring children?

Children between the ages of 0-10 are not permitted in the event. The content and language used by the speakers are not appropriate for minors. Children aged between 10-16 years of age are permitted into the event provided they have a valid ticket and are accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times. Please also be aware, that any individual entering the event halls will require a ticket for entry. This is regardless of age.

Can I bring a pram to the event?

We cannot prevent you bringing a pram or stroller into the event; however our recommendation is that children are not brought to the event. Should you require bringing a pram, you will need to sit to the side of your seating class as we cannot allow prams to block aisle ways as a matter of fire and emergency safety.

Registration Questions

What time is registration?

Everyone attending the event MUST register! Registration will open from 7:00am on the event day.

Where do I go to register when I arrive at the venue?

You will need to go to the registration counter according to your ticket class, for example if you are a GOLD ticket holder then you will need to go to the GOLD Registration counter. Our friendly Crew will be able to direct you through the various registration steps when you arrive.

What do I need to bring to registration?

Everyone must bring their e-ticket along to registration. If you don’t have your e-ticket you will not be able to register as this is your entry into the event.

Please bring to registration
- A printed copy of your ticket or have it ready on your mobile device
- Photo ID - your ID must match the name on the ticket

Is seating individually allocated?

No, all seating is unreserved in all seating sections. This means you can sit anywhere you like within your specific ticket class seating section.

I have booked a group of tickets, can we all sit together?

The seating is unreserved, you and your group will need to arrive early so you can try and get seats together.

What if I arrive late, can I still register?

Yes you can, the registration desk will be open for the entire event, but we encourage you to get there as close to open time as you can.

I need special seating, can this be arranged?

Yes, we have allocated seating in each section for clients that need special support. Please arrive early and come to Customer Service after you have registered and our team can support you with this.

Ticket Questions

What are the ticket classes?

For ticket class benefits please visit our website.

When will I receive my e-ticket?

E-Tickets will be emailed out to the ticket holder 2-4 weeks before the event.

There must be a unique name and email address for every ticketholder. If you purchase more than one e-ticket, you are responsible for supplying the details for all your guests. All attendees must have their own ticket to register on the day. Please print off your ticket for registration, or if you have a smartphone, you can display your ticket on your smartphone. Tickets cannot be reissued.

If I have bought more than one ticket, do I need to let Success Resources know who my guests are?

Yes, you do. We MUST receive the unique details of each of your ticket holders prior to the event - name, email & mobile phone number. We will NOT issue you the tickets unless we have this information.

Event Questions

Will there be a lunch break?

Yes, there is a lunch break scheduled during the day. You will have time to leave the venue room and grab some lunch before you are called back in for the afternoon session.

Is lunch or meals being provided?

Lunch is provided for Diamond and Platinum Clients only. All other ticket classes will be able to make use of the cafes, and restaurants in the event precinct.

Can I take photos or video or record any of the event?

No. All cameras are prohibited at the event. This includes camera phones.

Venue Questions

Are there eating places onsite at the venue?

Yes, there are several food outlets on site.

Can I take food and drink inside the event?

Yes, you can bring food and drink with you into the event. If you are bringing food from home, we ask that is be packaged in plastic containers only, as glass will not be permitted into the venue.

Can I store items in the Venue Cloakroom?

No, items cannot be stored onsite. You must drop off and leave any luggage or prohibited items at your hotel before coming to the venue.

Diamond and Platinum Clients Questions

What services will be available in the Diamond Lounge?

The Diamond Difference provides an environment reserved for the select few with a shared purpose and commitment to the Best of the Best.

It begins from the moment you arrive - you’re welcomed at registration by the dedicated crew at the Diamond Lounge. After relaxing you receive priority event access, escorted to the reserved seating directly in front of the stage.

Your own barista - top up and relax with a free coffee or tea from arrival until 2:30 pm.

Plus, you'll mingle with other individuals who, like you, are determined to gain the edge for the very best that life has to offer with the essentials for wealth creation and financial freedom.

What is included in my Diamond or Platinum ticket?

For Diamond clients, the below is included in your ticket:

  • Exclusive Diamond Seating close to the stage
  • Priority access into the room
  • Lunch served in the Diamond Lounge
  • Wealth Masters Digital Toolbox
  • Wealth Masters Workbook

For Platinum Clients, the below is included in your ticket:

  • Exclusive Platinum Seating in front of the stage
  • Priority access into the room
  • Lunch served in the Diamond Lounge
  • Wealth master Digital Toolbox
  • Wealth Masters Workbook
  • Cocktail function with guest speaker
  • 1 on 1 photo with Robert Kiyosaki
Can I bring a friend into the Diamond Lounge who doesn’t have a Diamond or Solitaire Ticket?

No, the Diamond Lounge is for Platinum and Diamond guests only.

Are there dairy free, gluten free or vegan meals available?

We endeavour to cater for as many dietary requirements as possible. Please ask the friendly Food and Beverage staff if you have any questions or concerns with your lunch.

What times is lunch?

Lunch is scheduled for the middle break of the day. The time for this will however depend on the speakers and their presentations. Rest assured you will have a lunch break.

Is the Diamond Lounge open for the duration of the event?

Yes, the Lounge is open for the duration of the event, you can enjoy the Lounge benefits all day.